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How to write - ask - answer

Here you can write, ask, answer opening a new thread

Are you registered?

You need to be registered to publish your questions or opinions on this site.

It's easy and works fast, please read the page register.



How do I publish?

It's not difficult at all, don't worry.

All you have to do is choosing a folder in the community pages (you can find the links in the header or on the left sidebar, in "navigation").

Once you're there you have to choose what is most appropriate for your contribution: let's suppose you want to ask something about Gramsci's life in Ghilarza.

Choose the folder "Questions about Gramsci" (click on it, you'll find it in the left sidebar too), then you'll see a green box appearing in the center column of the page, at the top, on the right you'll read:

- Actions

- Add new...

-- Page

-- News Item


Now you can write

- a title for example: "Gramsci's life in Ghilarza"

- description of your question, if you want

- text: your question, you can write anything in many ways, just remember internet users often prefers quick questions, but maybe here someone could be very interested in your work and it would be nice to read a little description of what you need it for.


Now you can save

Remember: once you saved your text, it doesn't mean it's online. To make it appear on the site pages you have to click (alway on the top-right of the green box around the center of the page) "submit for publication" on the menu State (private by default).



You can write in most european languages. For others to understand, please make sure you add a notice for your language in the title, for instance, add an expression such as [EN] , [FR] , [ES] , [ITA] just before your title. Thanks for your kindness. Doubts? Just write me an email!  : )


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