How to register and become part of the net, posting questions and helping others in their studies

Why would I register at Gramscian net?

You're experiencing troubles in getting some important informations, bibliography, documents on Gramsci?

Maybe someone can help you, or maybe you can help someone.

The aim of registering at Gramscian net is helping others and spreading Gramsci's thoughts, works and Weltanschauung.

Where can I register?

You can easily follow this link and register


What comes next?

in a little while you'll receive an email with a link, click it or post it into the address spacebar in your browser.

you'll then be able to choose your password, don't loose it, but if you do, no problem, you can ask to send it back to you at your email.


What can I do now?

You can now write pages, topics, questions in a dedicated part of the site (work in progress please be patient).

Someone searching the net may find this site and the page with your questions or opinions, then answer or finding it interesting.



I have a technical problem or a question, can you help me?

Of course, webmaster will do anything to help, please write at I beg your pardon if it will take some time. If you don't receive any answer in a week, please send your question again.




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