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Torino, 2nd September 2008


As my studies brought me to the world wide gramscian bibliography I started to notice my difficulties on finding writings and studies in my country and planning travels in other countries in plenty of libraries, just to find some studies, even important ones.

Sofware such as the great Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog helped a lot in my research, but what if the writings I'm looking for are to be found at least in ten different libraries?

As a student, I cannot afford months in every part of the world. Fortunately my research is focused on Germany and some travels in Berlin and Bonn can help with it.

The principal reason to open a Gramscian network is the power in general knowledge of system like wikipedia, a free and strict knowledge, a product of millions of minds, where discussions can help to correct entries.

But... a gramscian net is not organized or perceived as an encyclopaedic work. Its primary aim is to share informations and documents, connections on interpretations: the old ones and the new ones by anyone who is studing Gramsci, no matter if you're reading his Prison Notebooks, Letters, or articles since a week or twenty years.

The goal I think is to connect people, their knowledge, the documents they own (articles from newspapers, essays in books...) and share all you find interesting, important, or even evident and unuseful... someone around the world could find it important for his/her path in studying Gramsci.


This idea comes from a personal need, I think it's not only mine, so please, share! All you need to do is subscribe, then log into the site and publish what you want in the section you think is appropriate.


Please, feel free to ask for help if you have any problem with this digital stuff, or any question, you'll reach me at:


If you prefer not to subscribe, write me at the same email: I'll publish links and texts, your projects on Gramsci, internet site, works, anything related to Gramsci.



Elisabetta Roggero


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